My Blog is where I am planning to post current work and how it was accomplished. It's still under construction but ... enjoy.



This is the site of the Color Pencil Society of America. Lots of information and links to the wonderful world of color pencil art. Good place to locate groups near your location as the CPSA has chapters all across the country. Gallery.


Yevonne Reynolds built this website. She is amazing, talented and knows how to get the job done. That in addition to being a fine artist as well. Check out this site to see her color pencil work.
http://bkjstudio.com/ Flowers, animals, scenery beautifully done by Barbara Krans-Jenkins. A look at the amazing versatility of the color pencil and one of the artists who can bring out the best of it.

What can you do with sculpture? Well, Arlin Robins can demonstrate that you can do almost everything. From huge sculptures that grace a casino in Las Vegas to tiny fantasy creatures, her horse sculptures are especially appealing to me.

http://poetrymatters.150m.com/index.html Joel Fallon is a man who loves poetry and posted some of my work on his site. Lots of local infomation about events, available books and pages for poets. A must see if you like poetry.
http://www.peggym.freewebsitehosting.com/ Peg McGovern is a professional. Her beautiful illustrations/paintings have homes all over the United States. She too transforms color pencil into light.




These are some of the equine magazines that I write for on assignment as a freelance photojournalist.


For creative people worldwide. Provides inspiration and information plus Robert Genn's twice weekly newsletter.

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